GAOZHOU YIJIAYUAN LEATHER INDUSTRY., Ltd is a professional manufacturer and supplier of leather gloves which founded in 2011 and located in "Glove city" GaoZhou, our aim is to provide our customers the best solution of hand protection.
Our products cover wide range of working gloves such as, welding glove, driver glove, rigger glove, mechanic gloves, gardening glove, string knit glove, cotton glove, and other safety glove etc. Our products are widely used in different industries such as construction, mining, shipping, mechanic, and also used in farming, gardening and other work requiring safety protection. We are perfect manufacturer and supplier for your hand protection needs.

We are a custom manufacturer and supplier of any work gloves, and welcome the opportunity to manufacture work glove to your exact demand / specification, your promotional printing/ custom imprints name / logos and tagging / label are available. To fulfill this, the best way is for you to send us a sample of the gloves you require, and then we will send our equivalent gloves to you with your samples.
All of our products must meet strict quality standard for material and craftsmanship before they are sent to our customers, you can always expect a consistently high-quality work gloves from us. Under a very competitive pricing policy, we strive to maintain our high standards, while reducing cost to our customers whenever possible.
Our policy is to continually provide superior service and consistent quality safety work gloves, which meet or exceed the customer's expectation. We appreciate your interesting and continued loyalty, please write or email us with your comments.